Thoughts on camera phones?

Poll #1161082 Photos from a camera phone

How do you think of the photos you take with a camera phone?

Precious memories I will treasure forever...just like from my regular camera
Images that I would like to hold on to but that are not as valuable as pics from my traditional camera
Casual snapshots from my daily life with that are valuable for a short time
Transient images that are entertaining but not valuable
They're crap. I hate all camera phones because the pictures are almost useless.

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Poll #888286 Creepy preservation techniques

Which one is the creepiest?

Life-like, freeze-dried remains of your pet
LifeGem - Compressed gem made from the carbon of your departed loved one

Bring your dog to work day

Bring your dog to work day!

Heidi got another trip to the vet yesterday after over a week of persistent disgustingness. Turns out she has giardia, despite the fact that she was up to date on all her vaccinations. [sigh]

That means she is in quasi-quarentine; she's not allowed to go to daycare or the dog park for the next two weeks! The interim solution is to take her along on my commute to Bellevue. Being in the car is pretty much like being in her crate...only she is close enough for me to stop in and take her on a short walk during lunch. On our walk today she:

  • aggressively tried to stay in the rain as long as possible
  • got scared by all the cars on NE 4th
  • barked at old ladies that were telling her she was cute

Tonight we'll go for a longer walk in a quieter neighborhood. She's being a good sport about the whole thing.
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We're Bad to the Bone

That's more like it

I made it through the skills and riding tests today so I will be first in line to get my new motorcycle endorsement on Tuesday. Actually, maybe I should wait until the raccoon eyes go away. 12 hours of summer sun in the Boeing parking lot have not left me looking my best. That may not be the license picture I want to carry around for the next few years.

I'm kind of on the honor system with this though. The endorsement will make it legal for me to ride a motorcycle, but I took a scooter-only class. That means no shifting, no clutch...just twist and go. Sounds super easy but we did have a Seattle police office in the class who twisted and went...on the ground. To be fair, it was because he locked the front tire while braking, not because of the intimidating power of the 150cc Vespa he was on.

I think some of the people in the motorcycle class before ours laughed at us.
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