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Bring your dog to work day

Bring your dog to work day!

Heidi got another trip to the vet yesterday after over a week of persistent disgustingness. Turns out she has giardia, despite the fact that she was up to date on all her vaccinations. [sigh]

That means she is in quasi-quarentine; she's not allowed to go to daycare or the dog park for the next two weeks! The interim solution is to take her along on my commute to Bellevue. Being in the car is pretty much like being in her crate...only she is close enough for me to stop in and take her on a short walk during lunch. On our walk today she:

  • aggressively tried to stay in the rain as long as possible
  • got scared by all the cars on NE 4th
  • barked at old ladies that were telling her she was cute

Tonight we'll go for a longer walk in a quieter neighborhood. She's being a good sport about the whole thing.
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