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We're Bad to the Bone

That's more like it

I made it through the skills and riding tests today so I will be first in line to get my new motorcycle endorsement on Tuesday. Actually, maybe I should wait until the raccoon eyes go away. 12 hours of summer sun in the Boeing parking lot have not left me looking my best. That may not be the license picture I want to carry around for the next few years.

I'm kind of on the honor system with this though. The endorsement will make it legal for me to ride a motorcycle, but I took a scooter-only class. That means no shifting, no clutch...just twist and go. Sounds super easy but we did have a Seattle police office in the class who twisted and went...on the ground. To be fair, it was because he locked the front tire while braking, not because of the intimidating power of the 150cc Vespa he was on.

I think some of the people in the motorcycle class before ours laughed at us.
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