Saippuakauppias' Ark (mr_flippant) wrote,
Saippuakauppias' Ark

I'm bad to the bone!


This is my new commuter vehicle!

Well, mine looks just like it. Can't pick it up until Tuesday.

Then, zoom an empty parking lot until I stop being terrified of sharing a road with all the cell-phoning multi-taskers out there.
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I want one :)
Well, that or a motorcycle
I thought about a motorcycle...briefly. A co-worker rides to work rain or shine and loves it. Another co-worker decided to try one and ended up wrecking a brand new Ducati by test driving it into a tree.

This is a baby step in that direction. It's a 150cc mega-machine though so I need a motorcycle endorsement anyway.
um... You never ride, buy, or test drive a new or higher end machine your first time. You buy a beater as a trainer bike because you *will* crash it. Period. Sounds like someone didn't think their decision through while going for the cool factor.

Have fun with it.